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Karkat backed away from the now advancing Gamzee. He tripped over a body - who's, he didn't know - and hit the floor with a small yelp. He began crawling backwards until he hit a wall, that he then shrank against when Gamzee stood over him.

Gamzee glowered down at Karkat, who shrank into the wall. Gamzee put his juggling club under Karkat's chin and tilted his head back, he wanted see the fear in his moirail's eyes.

Karkat's eyes widened when he felt that the juggling pin was still warm and sticky with blood. He made a small noise that was a mix of disgust and terror. All he could do now was hope Gamzee killed him painlessly, which he doubted.

Gamzee pulled the juggling club away from Karkat, his arm going back to his sides. He knelt down in front of Karkat, a crazy grin upon his smudgily-painted face.

He only said one word.


Karkat was up on his feet and running. He knew it was unjust of a leader to run from a fight, but he was scared. He was scared of GAmzee, and the thoughts of what Gamzee would do to him made his skin crawl. Karkat could picture gruesome things in his mind and he tried not to, but it was impossible to stop.

After about twenty minutes of long passageways and sharp turns, he stopped. Karkat was done running. He would figure out a way to get through this, dammit!!

Edit: 3/8/2012; 12:00 am. Ending this so soon ((though temporarily)) because I am seriously really fucking tired. G'night. n.n
Edit: 3/14/2012: Haha. Smudgily. I like that.


Nyeheh... Pervy thoughts... ಠωಠ
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I'm Zom!
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I'm a pervert. Not a "Hee hee, he said butt," n00b pervert, I'm a "look-at-everything-and-see-creepy-things" pervert. n.n
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Staying up late to read!!
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Elricest is what it is, QUIT YER BITCHING.
RoyxEd is OK too, any Yaoi really.
Jealous 'cause Winry bangs Ed. >_<

Interesting facts..: There are none!

Aha. You wasted about a minute of your life reading this, but hey, thanks for doing that! :)

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